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Founded in 1995  ~ 20 years of homing retired racing greyhounds

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Happy Fall to All!!!

Meet & Greet Photos: Carlisle Tractor Supply, September 12, 2015
Tatum & Angel    ~   Rita the Diva    ~    Jen the Manager  ~   Dibbs   ~   Dana, Gia & Jade   ~   Michael & Harry  ~   Jan, Loomis & Zeus   ~   Jim & Amber    ~   Earl & Bali  ~  
Brenda & Cheryl    ~   Jim & Robin   ~   Cheryl & Duckie   ~   Heather, Gia, Angel, Jade & Tatum    ~   Billie Davis & Jim Neidlinger

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Call 717-385-1495 or email for more information on adoption.
All dogs are current on vaccines and are spayed / neutered.

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It looks like Dragon dipped his paws into white paint. He is another irresistible black greyhound boy that PG INC. had to bring home.
He is a young 2 year old. And cat friendly. He will arrive at the Claremont Canine Carnival in Carlisle on Saturday, Oct. 3.

Look at this handsome brindled boy, Magnum! He is 2 years old, and will be arriving home to PG INC. on Saturday, Oct. 3.
He will be at the Claremont Canine Carnival in Carlisle on Saturday, Oct. 3rd if you want to meet him. He is cat friendly.

Pat C (Patsy) Get Around

Just look into my eyes and tell me I can come live with you.
I just turned 4, ready to retire and looking for  a special home to call my own.
I am cat safe too :)

As you see Coach Quillan is one of the sleek, handsome, black greyhound boys.
He is cat and small dog workable.
Quill continues to learn about this new world that he finds himself in. He enjoys affection and is learning to love back.
He and his friend Womack like to pick little red ripe cherry tomatoes and can be found eating them every chance they get.
Quill is only 2 years old and will offer a lifetime of fun, love and entertainment to his lucky forever home.
Would Quill be a perfect new member of your family? He's waiting....


WOMACK...has been described as "gorgeous" and there is no doubt about it. But it's his heart and his soul that will captivate you
when you look in his eyes. Womack is a lover. He tries to open doors and he can help you pick ripe tomatoes.
What more do you need to hear? This boy will be a treasure for the lucky family that finds him.
He is small animal / cat tolerant. His foster Mom says he is AWSOME!!!
Click Here to see him playing!

The following Hounds are entering a special program with a Women's Correctional Facility.
It is a six week program where they will be learning basic obedience skills and acclimation to different circumstances.
They will receive lots of love and the training will be very well monitored.
It is a greyt opportunity for the dog, inmate and the forever home the grey will be going to! 
Adopters will receive progress reports. Personalized Greyhounds will endeavor to have a forever home
committed and waiting for them when they finish the program in mid-October.
AND without further ado - here they ARE!!!

CHERRY is a 3 year old red fawn beauty. She adores people but
 does not like the company of cats or small animals

 FERRI is a stunning 5 year old black boy. He has put the racing life behind
and is looking forward to a happy retirement with his very own family.
He adores people and is always happy. He is not cat or small animal tolerant.
Look at young LEYLA! She is not yet 2 years old but she’s headed for retirement. A beautiful brindled girl…beauty, brains AND she is cat and small animal safe!

JONAH just turned 2. He decided the retired life would be more his style.
God bless his heart. He is the most beautifully brindled boy and guess what…?
He IS cat and small animal tolerant!

  Adoptions                          Rainbow Bridge Poem In Memory of the Greyt Ones  

Show your pride to honor every branch of our military!
Celebrate by wearing one of PG's 20th Annual T-Shirts
TShirt Front
Click here to order one!   

From the Heart ~ Expressions of Greyt people about the Greyt hounds
Show your pride to honor every branch of our military! Celebrate by wearing one of PG's 20th Annual T-Shirts
Click here to order one!


Nutrition & Health
What to look for in your Dog's food (& a Biscuit Recipe)
Harmful foods 
Greyt Health
Canine Influenza in Dogs
The Greyhound Health Initiative on Canine Influenza       Website
Are Sighthounds really Dogs? - Greyt Article by Dr. Guillermo Couto
Bald Thighs Syndrome

Educational Information:
Socialization or Habituation

Dominique's Strange New World - The Adventures of a Retired Racing Hound

 E V E N T S

Saturday, October 3, 10 am – 2 pm
3rd Annual Canine Carnival
Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
1000 Claremont Road, Carlisle
Due to the weather this event will be held INDOORS.
Quill & Womack will be there and we are expecting
3 more hounds on Sunday, soooooo, we will be talking GREYHOUND!!!

Sunday, October 4, 11 am – 2 pm
PG will be selling 25% off shopping passes, for $5 to benefit PG INC.
Colonial Park Boscov’s

Fridays and Saturdays, October 9 – Oct. 31
PG will be engaged in the Bonton Community Sale Fundraiser, selling coupon booklets for
$5 to benefit PG INC.
We will be at both the Camp Hill and Carlisle Bonton Stores
Carlisle 11 am – 2 pm
Camp Hill Fridays, Noon – 2 & Saturdays, Noon - 4

Friday, October 9, - Sunday Oct. 11
Greyhounds Reach the Beach
Dewey Beach Delaware

Saturday, October 10, 11 am – 3 pm
Carlisle Tractor Supply M&G

Saturday, October 17 11 am – 3 pm
Benny’s Fall Pet Adopt-A –Thon
5202 Simpson Ferry Road, Mechanicsburg

Tuesday, October 20
BOSCOV’S FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS SALE (25% off passes will be used)
PG will be selling the 25 % off shopping passes
Camp Hill Boscov’s 8:45 – Noon
York Boscov’s 11 am – 3 pm
Colonial Park Boscov’s 11 am – 3 pm

Saturday, October 24, 10 am – 4 pm
Bass Pro Hot Dog Sale
Harrisburg Bass Pro

Saturday, October 24, 11 am – 3 pm
Bass Pro M&G
Harrisburg Bass Pro

Saturday October 31, 11am – 2 pm
Harrisburg Tractor Supply M&G

2015 Meet & Greet Dates

PG 20th Annual Picnic Makes Headlines!!!
Pictures galore from the picnic!

Save the Date for next Year's picnic!
June 4, 2016 @ Adams County Winery

It is a greyt time for the residents at the Claremont Home and Rehabilitation Center in Carlisle.
PG Greyhounds put smiles on so many faces. The residents anxiously look forward to visits from the greyhounds.
The greyt ones love all the pets and love they get in return. This is not a Meet N Greet, but 'something that we love to do'.


In honor of all mothers, and especially the Greyt Mothers that have born all of the pups who grow
in magnificent elegance to grace our lives with love and joy,
PG is officially announcing the institution of  "The Hot Mama's Fund".
 She will be a treasure beyond measure that words will not express. 

At this time, and provided we continue to have/receive adequate funds, this is the program we have set forth. 
There will be no adoption fee for any retired mama. PG will pay directly to your veterinarian a
maximum of $250.00 a year toward any necessary medical expenses. We will proceed as in
any adoption, with our application process. Our contractual requirements will be the same with
the addition of PG’s annual responsibility when needed or requested. 

Our friend, Judy Kaufman, has offered to make special collars for sale and the total sale will be 
deposited in this fund. We look forward to getting a few soon and will let you know when
they are available. Of course any donation can be designated for The Hot Mamas Fund. 

Please keep these thoughts in your heart.
A mama very possibly might be the perfect fit for your life. 

As always I thank you for your consideration and time.
PG wants to reach out as far as we can to support the many needs in this world of greyhounds
where we live and breathe. It takes a village. 
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers who read this!
And to the children of the mothers, a happy day to you too. Celebrate your mother! 
Sincerely, Maribeth
Email for more information or if you are sincerely interested!

Snoopy Richardson April 2015
Snoopy Richardson - YAY!! (read more)


Grins 2015              Dad&Nike                      Summer Grin 2015
Grin and Photo compliments of Kent Roberts, Artist
View some of his greyt art here!

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Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.

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