Personalized Greyhound Inc. 21st Homecoming Picnic

Sunday, June 5,  11 am – 5 pm

Adam’s County Winery

251 Peach Tree Road, Orrtanna, Pa. 17353


Personalized Greyhounds Inc. will be celebrating 21 years of homing retired racers. Peggy Levin founded PG Inc. in 1995 and she has for these many years devoted herself to this greyt cause. Through these years many have been blessed to have experienced life with greyhounds; we’ve come to share our devotion of them, our commitment to them and the mission of finding homes for them.

Please come to enjoy this day; relax, sip wine, catch up with old friends and meet new friends. That’s what the day should be. Special guests along with PG’s very own will make this a special day.

Pam Barbaro will be director for the day in our PG Doggie Daycare. If you need someone to watch your grey while you volunteer or if you just need a break or if your greyhound needs a break, daycare is your answer. Pam will be accepting donations to benefit PG Inc.  Muzzles will be required to enter daycare. We will have muzzles available; $2 donation requested. Daycare will be open from 11:30 am – 2 pm.

Kent Roberts will be with us to do caricatures of you and your greyhounds. Many of us have his work in our homes. If you are new or have not yet had him do a drawing or painting of your greyhound(s) this is your opportunity. It will be one of your greytest treasures.

Dale Duppstadt eagerly assumed planning and directing the Hound Games.  The greyt ones and parents can have fun competing. This is always a lot of fun and provides many laughs. Remember, competition is tough and serious business. 

Awards will also be given for the longest tail, the tallest grey, the shortest grey, grey who traveled the farthest distance, oldest and youngest hound and very most coveted is the prize for the barest butt.

Shirl Knoblock, author, poet, artist and intuitive medium for pets and people will be with us again this year. She will have her art work and her books for your pleasure and for your grey she will be offering short Reiki sessions.

Tina Garner and Jen Peiffer of Angie’s Bark Avenue will be available from 11 – 1 for greyt complimentary manicures and pedicures.

Veronica King, artist, adopter and PG friend will there with her garden stones as well as to help us celebrate PG Inc. and its greyhounds.

Diane Galutia, former PG adopter, will be with us to celebrate and she will have her book Dominique’s Strange New World: the Adventures of a Retired Racing Greyhound available for purchase.

As in the past few years, Z and D food vendors will be providing food.

We will have a time to remember and honor all of our beloved greyhounds who we lost this year. We will also rejoice as PG adopter, Pastor Jean Kuebler, asks for “Blessing of the Hounds”.

Our friend, Jenn Boswell from Alabama Greyhound Rescue and Adoption will be arriving aboard Eleanor, the greyhound limousine.

Plan to visit Eleanor to see how our greyhounds travel north from Alabama. I’m not certain what all Jenn will be vending but we are hoping she will have a good supply of dehydrated chicken and duck feet. Greyhounds love them and they are so good for them.

As always we are excited about our Benefit Auction. Please be certain to look at everything and plan to bid high on anything that catches your fancy. Brenda Neidlinger is coordinating the auction and has said that we again have many very nice donations.

She is also planning something different for the Chinese auction. It will all be greyt fun and please remember that all proceeds benefit greyhounds.

PG’s Houndware Store, under the direction of Virjean Dauksha, will be open for your shopping convenience. For the greyt ones there is a selection of fleeces, coats, collars, leashes and harnesses. Shop now when you can try things on and get help with fitting. 

Also for moms and dads we have a variety of good quality clothing. Of course our 21st picnic t-shirt will be available and we will also have another T-shirt that you will want. Please go shopping, get everything your grey needs and clothing that you want.

Last but certainly not an after- thought, we ask you to bring a picnic-type dessert for our PG’s famous dessert buffet. We all look forward to sampling a little of many… ;)


See you at the picnic!