Greyhound Data Records

Personalized Greyhounds now has an adoption group page on, a website devoted to maintaining the genealogy and racing statistics of greyhounds world wide. You can find the Personalized Greyhounds adoption page, with its listing of available dogs and a few previously adopted hounds, here:

If you are interested in viewing your own pup’s genealogy and/or racing history, you can search for it on All you need is your pup’s full registered name, which you can enter here:

There are multiple benefits of PG having an adoption group page on this website. First, Greyhound-Data provides another avenue to “advertise” PG dogs that are available for adoption. Additionally, the pedigree pages of dogs adopted out through PG will be amended to indicate that the dogs were rehomed by PG. If any of your adopted pups should manage to escape, a search of the dog’s ear tattoo numbers on Greyhound-Data will show that the dog has been rehomed through PG and the finder will have Maribeth Macke’s telephone number to trace the owner. Additionally, if the owner chooses to have his/her/their names added to the Greyhound-Data database, a search of the dog will pull up both PG’s contact information and the owner’s names. Greyhound-Data is the best means of identifying the owners of found greyhounds (at least those who have managed to lose their ID tags) nationwide. Finally, the inclusion of PG dogs in Greyhound-Data will allow those who have raised, trained, or known PG dogs in the past to learn that they have been adopted and are living the good life!

Now that it has an adoption group page on Greyhound-Data, PG plans to enter all dogs adopted over the past 5 years into the database. Owner names will not be entered unless the owner wishes to have his/her/their names included in the listing. Additionally, the database will not be updated with photographs of the dogs unless the owner(s) wish to provide a current photo.

If you would like to have your names and/or a photo of your PG hound entered into Greyhound-Data, please provide your name(s), as you would it/them entered, a photo, and the following information for each dog to Cheryl Kovaly at (1) full registered name; (2) date of birth; (3) month/year of adoption; and (4) ear tattoo numbers. If you do not provide this information and you adopted subsequent to January 1, 2010, your dog will be entered into Greyhound-Data without owner information or a photo. If you adopted prior to January 1, 2010, no information will be entered into the data-base unless you request that Cheryl add it.

Please understand that it may take some time to enter current data for all of the hounds that have been loving placed over the past five years. We will start entering those dogs adopted this year and work our way backwards. This is an exciting step for PG and one that will help to enhance the safety of your pups, should they ever get loose.