Kent Roberts - Professional Award-Winning Artist

Magnificent watercolor paintings of your pet(s) from your photos. A portion of all sales donated to an animal rescue organization.


"A Door to Somewhere” You Adopt/We Donate! If you have ever adopted a pet from a rescue or shelter, you saved a life. Hale Pet Door wants to reward you for that. When you purchase a Hale Pet Door, let us know that you adopted your pet. We will give you a 10 percent discount off the retail price of the pet door! Let us know the name of the organization from which you adopted your pet and we will donate a matching 10 percent amount to them. It is a  “win-win” for our customers, the rescue groups, and most of all, the pets who can enjoy a brand new Hale Pet Door in their very own forever home. When you purchase one of our pet doors on our website,, be sure to let us know during the "checkout" process that you adopted your pet and fill in the name of the rescue organization. Or give us a call at 800-646-4773. CORPORATE OFFICES: 213 S. 8th Street, Canon City, CO 81212 / 1-800-646-4773 /

Dominique's Strange New World: The adventures of a retired racing Greyhound

Greyt children's chapter book written by one of our adopters! Back in 1999, Dave and Diane Galutia adopted from Personalized Greyhounds their first greyhound, Dominique, and shortly after that, they brought another greyhound, Cokie into their hearts and home. Then, from a local shelter they adopted two 6-year old Italian greyhound siblings (John Boy and Bambi) desperately in need of a forever home as well. As a tribute to all four dogs and as a way to keep their memories alive, Diane wrote a children's chapter book about them and since Dominique was their very first grey, the book spotlights Dominique and is written from her perspective as she adjusts from a life as a champion racer to that of a family pet. The book is intended to teach children valuable lessons, as well as give them a glimpse into the life of a retired racing greyhound. The book is also suitable for adults who have a love for greyhounds. To order the book, which is $12.95, please visit and search by the title: Dominique's Strange New World: The Adventures of a Retired Racing Greyhound or click on this link: Dominique's Strange New World: The Adventures of a Retired Racing Greyhound

Angie's Bark Avenue

Our friends at Bark Ave. have been faithful to PG INC and our greyhounds

since 1998. Angie is the one that is at our picnic every year giving our dogs

free pedicures. Located in Mechanicsburg. Phone Number: 717-766-7400

All Rights Reserved, Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.

Elaine's Pet Pillows

Pamper your pup with a custom made bed from Elaine's Pet Pillows.

Beyond the Recipes

And, since we never want to forget our TWO-legged friends, we invite you to check out this website: Beyond the Recipes. Created by a greyt friend of Personalized Greyhounds, this site give you fantastic recipes to reward yourself for all the wonderful thing you do for your greyhounds.