This page is dedicated to the precious hounds we have loved and will never forget.


June 13, 2007 - January 30, 2016

Our PG pack is one less
We love you and God Bless
You left this world way too soon
Run Free sweet girl at the bridge
Rest in peace til we meet again
Dale Duppstadt
I held back tears when hearing about dear Tess
When you called to say she was laid to rest
Now that reality is beginning to set in
I can no longer hold my tears within
One of the sweetest greyhounds I have known
I would have taken Tessa as one of my own
Her sweet ways with people was beyond belief
She brought Bon-Ton customers to their knees
It has hit me hard that Tess is no longer here
She served PG faithfully for many years
I can't imagine Friday's at Bon-Ton without her near
Just last Friday, Tessa lured customers for donations
Let us all remember how she LoVED belly rub sensations!
In loving memory of Tessa. PGINC's Friday "post-her"
GREYTest sales GREYThound.
by Cheryl Sterner         February 10, 2016

            Your grace and style
          Have always made us smile 
       Your gentleness and pure heart
            Will always last the part      
    This journey takes you to the bridge
     Run free sweet Girl along the ridge

     Always Loved and never forgotten
Dale Duppstadt 

“I will miss you very much TESS. You were the love of my life. My heart hurts”  Steve Snyder



On Wednesday April 6th, we helped River cross the rainbow bridge. As she aged, we watched her slow down, but just last month she had a physical and was determined to be pretty arthritis-free, and even did short runs around the yard. On Tuesday, we noticed that things had changed, literally overnight, and she was having difficulty standing and even laying down on her own. We suspect that she had a small stroke and throughout Tuesday and into Wednesday, her challenges increased by the hour. By the time we took her to the vet Wednesday afternoon, she was nearly unable to walk without our help.

River came to us at 23 months. They told us she was a VERY fast dog, but would never run past the lead dog, always staying a nose behind. Obviously, she would never be a winner so she was adopted out early. We had lost our first dog, Sandy, only two months before, very suddenly and when a cat-safe little girl needed a home, she came to live with us. She was always shy and quiet but what we didn't realize was that she was probably depressed at being the only dog. When we got our Nadia, River became a new dog! Perky, happy and even though she was still quiet and shy, she even started smiling. When Nadia died suddenly, River became quiet again and once we brought Lindy home, she turned around again. River and Lindy were almost exactly the same age, and when he died last year we knew River needed a companion for her last years with us. Diver came home, River perked up and she was a happy girl until her last days.

We miss her terribly, as we have missed all who have gone before her, but we know that we made the right decision allowing her peace without pain.

She would've been 15 this coming Monday, the 11th. Run free with all the others, our sweet girl.

We loved you so, Chris & Dave Sheely

TESSA crossed the bridge 2/10/16 at almost 11 years old. Tessa was a great ambassador for PG and greyhounds in general. She thought she was a lap dog, often climbing on your lap if given half a chance. She loved meet and greets and especially loved "working" at the Bon-Ton selling Community Day booklets. It's hard getting your belly rubbed for two hours but she did it up until her last days.

Tessa is joining Rooney, Bunny and Duster....she will be especially happy to see Duster I'm sure. They were great buddies. She leaves behind four foster brothers and sisters, Angel, Otis, Poppie and Cherry who she showed the ropes too. Plus a lot of very sad humans. When it became apparent she was leaving us my first thought was "how am I going to tell the PG group?"

Rest in peace my sweet girl. You did yourself proud!!

Your Mom, Sue Claussen

Dear Peggy and Maribeth,

With great sadness I'm writing you to let you know that I had to help RJ over the bridge tonight. He just turned 12 April 13. Another victim of osteo.

He was only with me a short time (adopted in May 2013) but boy did we get attached. We were inseparable. My days and nights consisted of thinking what new adventure RJ and I could go on today. From walking the Boiling Springs lake to visiting the top of Kings Gap to falling in Little Buffalo lake to laying around Memorial Lake. Always drawing attention and giving kisses and love to anyone he met. RJ was a true Ambassador for all greyhounds. Thank you again for letting another special greyhound touch my life. Love,

Sharon Fulginiti 

Our sweet Bonniebelle has left us and we are living these very feared days of loss and grief.
We prayed our little girl on to the far-away land of the Bridge in the wee hours of January 30th.
God called his very special racer girl, Bella Ball, back to himself where she will run pain free on the tracks in heaven. She left 2 greyt sisters and 2 greyt brothers behind who are feeling the emptiness of her bed and her presence in our family. Our dear, so sweet, precious BonnieBelle, we miss you so much. Our home will be changed forever without your sweet essence. Watch for us Beez,
someday we will be together again.
Dave & Maribeth Macke
RJ - Professionaly known as
4/27/2004 - 5/13/2016

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Today is a very sad day. We made the tough, heart wrenching decision to let our vet help Nike cross the Rainbow Bridge.
She had stopped eating, was almost totally lame, and clearly was not enjoying life. She was our last remaining PG Inc. adoptee...and was with us for 14 1/2 wonderful years. She was 16 1/2.

Kent & Pam Roberts